Legal Services

Real estate law and estate planning go hand-in-hand. Attorney Karl is now accepting real estate law cases to help clients develop plans for their needs. We help you compare closing costs when you're selling your home or property, provide you with tax minimization services, and more. Our work is very competitive.

Real Estate Transfers & Title Services

Overall, when looking at options for deed transfers for residential or commercial property as part of an estate plan or for their independent purchase or sale, sellers and buyers may not realize they have the option of using their own attorney instead of the title company’s attorney and potentially save thousands of dollars. Proper titling can also save fees down the road, when property is transferred to your heirs as part…
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HOA Collections

As the Treasurer of a Homeowners’ Association, I have personal knowledge of the operations of Homeowner Associations (HOAs). From time to time, a lack of payment on the part of a homeowner can cause HOAs to take legal action to collect that assessment.
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Purchase Agreements & Sales Agreements

When buying or selling residential or commercial property, a purchase agreement is a must today. It is crucial to ensure there are no post-sale problems or disappointments, because the terms are made specific to the satisfaction of both the buyer and the seller.
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Small Business Planning

Starting a business should not be taken lightly regardless of whether it will be based online with a virtual presence or have a physical presence such as a storefront. Meeting with an attorney will ensure the proper kind of entity is chosen to maximize tax advantages for your new business.
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