Can’t I just ask a quick question over the Phone?

This question above is probably the most common thing we hear in the office weekly. Well intentioned folks will call the office and want to ..”just ask a quick question”. These are people who often are new clients I have never had the chance to meet with. It very quickly leads to my office staff trying to explain I am not trying to be difficult and refuse to get on the phone. There are very specific reasons why we tell callers to set an appointment to get answers.

It’s Just a Quick Question…Right?

Unfortunately, almost nothing is a quick answer these days. This request to sit down and make an appointment, on the phone or in person, is to protect you! Many will have good intentions, but often people don’t really know their situation. When I don’t have all the details, I cant properly advise you as to what is needed. The ability as a professional for me to ask the questions I know I need to ask to get you the right answers, is why we set a time to chat. In addition, having a set time means you have my attention, undivided, just to listen to and answer you.

I Just Need This One Item Looked At and Reviewed

Just like above, things are usually never simple. If there is a document or paper that needs looked at, it will usually take some background information. I would not want to give an answer on a question or fill in some part of paperwork without having all the proper details. I have found so often that the information I am given is not the full picture.

In the end, take the time, usually only 30 minutes or so, and get all of your paperwork together. Whether you prefer on the phone or in person, go over all the information at a set time, not quickly in a phone call or even in an email. This is  always much better for your outcome and end result. If a person is already a client, it gives me time to pull the file and have a time to also have the information ready on my end too.


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